They ironed out their differences.

Why don't you go meet him?

Physicians must confront ageism

I'm pretty sure Old's nervous.

I've been working since I was sixteen years old.

I can do that for her.

Don't count on them.

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Sho wants to know why you're not working here anymore.


She saw a boy kneeling by the altar.

Wilmer's defiant.

Don't blame this on me.

I'm not a perfectionist.

He might be away at the moment.

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The thief was handed over to the police.

I have clearly demonstrated that you've lost the argument.

You're interfering with my reading.

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The speech was broadcast on the radio.

Come and see my garden tomorrow.

Evening dress is desired.

Is eating raw pumpkin safe?

Charlie has two daughters. Both are married.


This needs to be corrected.

The word has unpleasant associations.

I feel like walking.

I was interested in him because his paintings really impressed me.

Jos knew what Son was trying to say.

How did you know this?

I was very glad to see him return.

I'm quiet.

They believe in Marxism and don't believe in religion.


The weather forecast says it will be cooler tomorrow.

He's a terrible driver.

Mom wants to go there, but Dad wants to watch TV at home.

Members of Novorolsky's society can't go five minutes without mentioning stoats at least once.

Mike likes to play basketball.


This Daumier print is the most beautiful thing that I have bought as a souvenir of Paris.


Nathan was very polite.

"It's time to start seeding", he said.

Dwight doesn't like people to know that he can't speak French well.


Newspaper stands are scattered here and there throughout the city.

I'm getting a new house built.

The escape was nothing less than a miracle.

As heavy as you are, the ice will break.

Did he really tell you that?

Are any of these locations easy to get to by bus?

Greg couldn't stop smiling.

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Vampires live in perpetuity.


I'm really, really excited.


I gave him an enema.


That runs against my principles.

I don't have the slightest intention of retiring.

I'm not usually this inept.

Terry and I have known each other for about three years.

Empirical data is based solely on observation.

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Her father could swim well when he was young.


It's only a small house but it meets my needs perfectly.

Who owns that car?

Do you keep a dream diary?


I must reject your request.

How many calories is a peanut butter sandwich?

Collective rules are not set straightaway but progressively win recognition.

I must talk with her.

I leave my house at 8:00 in the morning.

We would have been more careful.

I didn't really feel like going out.


Early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or, is it the bagel?

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It was very nice meeting you.


Lanny's mother forced him to eat his vegetables.


The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful to society, had that society been well organized.


That must have been terrible.


Let a hundred flowers bloom!

Things happened very quickly.

The train was on time.

Let's talk about that tonight.

Have everything ready.

I fear that we are late.

Let somebody else do it.

And now we have a problem.

How long would that take?

Don't worry, I'll do it.

I'm going to leave you.

Look on their wall.

You seem to be making progress.

The killer confessed his terrible act.

This car has been used for the past ten years.

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We haven't really spent time with each other for a while.

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They might take the car.

Are you sure you don't want me to talk to Tricia?

Our company only sells quality goods.


He apologised to us for being late.

We're not satisfied with that.

I would have failed but for his help.


After you get to the traffic lights, turn right.

You loved Hirofumi, didn't you?

I'd never betray your trust.

I come from Colombia.

Everyone's against me!

Do you have a desire to change jobs?

I didn't recognize her.

Thank you for being there.

I just tell it like it is, Kamel.

It's not a class.

I am a United States citizen.

My house is close to the sea.

If you pay for my ticket then we will be quits.


In the heat of the moment, Louiqa slapped Eliot.

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It doesn't change what happened.


If it were not for the sun, nothing could live.

We have to be cautious, too.

Do you figure there's any reason to make a vocabulary book?

I have different priorities than you do.

He is still not back from the mountains.

Dan woke up the children.

They are memorials.

His very servants despised him.

Do you know why he has been absent from school?

There's no more ointment.

She heard you.


We could talk about Rusty.


Juliane ate my lunch.

What is the main cause of the crime?

You weighed seventy kilograms.

Nobody listened to me.

He has too much grass in his brain.

We can't help it.

Have you seen today's paper?

I think it's really special.

I often talk to him on the bus.


Please tell them what they want to know.


Maybe we should wear gloves.

The fire was brought about by children's playing with matches.

Give me a visual.

Earnie is still in the prison.

I was as surprised as you.


I shook hands with him.

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Take my hand and look me in the eye.

Oskar needs to see you.

He looks at himself all day in the mirror.


Vincenzo helped me pack my suitcase.


That was a close shave.

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Three people were arrested.

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Mark wants to know when you'll be finished.

Behold the days come saith the LORD that the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed and the mountains shall drop sweet wine and all the hills shall melt.

Axel is confident about his future.

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Prisons are euphemistically called rehabilitation centers.

My strength isn't back yet.

Everyone knows Eva isn't happy here.


You're a good dancer.

You should've seen Raman run.

I thought Pratt would wear something like that.


Your death was not in vain.

You annoy me.

You freaked out, didn't you?

She licked her lips.

The car broke down on the way to the airport.

I want to travel this summer, but I don't know where to go.

His misfortune gained him sympathy.